I Have Been Suffering From Acne

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I have been suffering from acne ever since the 9th grade. I suffered both physically and mentally when my face became entirely covered with painful cystic acne. I always thought my first impression would be negative because of my acne-covered face, and this significantly lowered my confidence and self-esteem. Eventually, the insecurity engendered by my acne gave me the passion to fight it rather than suffer from it. I spent a significant amount of time finding out more about effective ingredients in the acne medication and skincare products. I tried many kinds of topical and oral medications with various ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Two major drugs were the most impactful in making my decision to major in biology in college. Minocycline, an antibiotic, not only had no affect on my acne but also gave me migraines. This made me take a risk in trying a stronger product, Isotretinoin, known for its negative side effects such as birth defects, depression and dryness of skin. As a result, my acne receded while I was on the medication. However, as soon as I discontinued using the product, acne broke out again and I began to suffer from occasional nausea and depression. I stopped using the product because I felt unsafe not knowing what affects it will have on me in the long run. This uncertainty gave me the motivation to pursue further education in pharmacy school in order to create a product that people could use without having concern for side effects.

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