I Have Chosen Domestic Abuse And Sexual Assault As My Topic

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I have chosen domestic abuse and sexual assault as my topic for this paper assignment. I have chosen this as my topic because I am a criminology major and these topics are always an interest to me because of the cases that I 've studied previously of how it affects the family dynamics and the court procedure. Not only that, but I am going to be entering in a career in law enforcement. As a police officer I will be dealing with this issue a lot and what most people don’t realize is that these events is a serious sociological importance in family lives. That these issues aren’t little problems that rarely happens to people. In reality these type of violence is a common thing that happens to people at anytime and anywhere and most likely we…show more content…
As with straight couple domestic abuse, domestic abuse in the gay community cuts across all. If gay or lesbian people are a victim, then they are less likely to be helped. It could be because authority don’t care due to their sexual preferences because of their bias. Or that it is a recent thing to be dealing with and the authorities don’t know what to do because there is simply no “laws” about gay domestic abuse situation. This is very absurd because there is no significant difference domestic abuse between straight and gay couples. For they are both human beings and the laws of domestic abuse offense applies to gay couples as well. What else plays a role into this is that it effects the family and by that it affects the kids drastically. Children of victims often witness the abuse. This exposure to domestic violence is harmful and can cause an age-dependent negative effects to the children’s psychological health. Such negative effects could become fearful and anxious (Katz, 2016). The children are always on guard, watching and waiting for the next violent event to occur. The children that experience the even would never know what will trigger the abuse. For this they would never feel safe. They will always be worried for themselves, their mother or father, and their siblings. They also may feel worthless and/or powerless because they couldn’t do anything to prevent the violent event from happening. Children who grow
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