I Have Chosen The Dove Ad, And The Victoria Secret Ad

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The purpose of this assignment is to apply the knowledge and key terms that I have learned throughout the course of this semester as they relate to argumentation. I will use this assignment to analyze different arguments that have been made in the “real world.” The argument text(s) that I have chosen are 3 different commercials from “Top 10 Super Bowl Ads.” I have chosen the Dove ad, the Geico ad, and the Victoria Secret ad to complete my analysis. I chose these three particular ads because they will allow me to use several of the concepts that I have learned in class to analyze them. The videos also make it easier to visualize and understand the arguments each ad makes, rather than having to read a text and trying to make out what the…show more content…
The video showed an elderly man flashing his home, jewelry, new wife, style and repeatedly asking, “Who got the swag now?” The 3rd commercial ad was for Victoria Secret; however, the ad took a different marketing approach and used their “Angels” in a football setting that made them less sexually appealing then normal. Reverting back to Ad 1, the claim was very explicitly shown and stated; Showing that he cares makes a man stronger and using Dove’s Men+Care Bodywash will directly contribute to the validity of this claim. The data that supports this claim is shown through the interactions between fathers and their children. It can be argued that real strength comes from within. While some situations in this ad appeared to be more positive than others, there were times shown in the commercial that tested a father’s strength. An older son called his father to inform his that he and his partner were expecting a baby. Another father was comforting a daughter that was crying and upset about something. Another father was dancing with his daughter at her wedding. Each of these instances shows a fathers displaying strength in situations where it may be difficult to display such emotion. Every situation triggered emotion that required him to be strong and show that he cared. Because men show emotion, strength, care and concern throughout this commercial towards their children, these actions directly correlate with the necessary use of Dove’s
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