I Have Chosen To Address The Board Of Education In The

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I have chosen to address the Board of Education in the State of Tennessee, regarding the topic of practical education courses being taught in public schools. I have chosen to address only the state of Tennessee for reasons of simplicity. I believe that it would be too broad scale and much too difficult to address each state board individually, regarding their education standards because each state has their own set of diverse education requirements. Although I would ideally like every state to teach practical courses, I will only be addressing the state of Tennessee for this paper. My ultimate goal would be to have every state require at least a few practical courses to be taught in public high schools. The lack of practical education…show more content…
After one graduates from high school, they are thrown in to adult life. Adult life is scary, uncharted territory for most young adults. When we are thrown straight in to life without the proper life skills to conquer it, life can quickly become overwhelmingly stressful. In a 2014 study conducted of recent high school graduates, 83% of students reported some gaps in their education when asked how their high school education prepared them for life and, or, college. (Kirst) If high school students are leaving high school without skills such as basic communication, financial literacy, and social skills, we are breeding a generation of young adults who cannot properly care for themselves. The issue with not learning these skills before graduating is that the ability to learn them outside of a high school setting becomes rather difficult. As an adult, we are expected to know how to handle money, how to communicate properly with others, how to cook for ourselves, how to clean, and how to appropriately interact with others in a multitude of social settings. If one does not learn basic skills at home or at school, they are left at a serious deficit. Universities do not cater to those who are not prepared for life. Once you start college you are expected to simply know, and do. Students cannot possibly be expected to succeed at the caliber which is expected of them when they are horribly unprepared. Basic skills should
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