I Have Improved As A Writer Greatly Since The Beginning Of The Year

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I have improved as a writer greatly since the beginning of the year. Many great accomplishments have happened from just writing all the time and taking a greater look on how to improve writing. Since the First-Week essay and the Midterm Reflection, I have gained many skills that I can take with to college in the future. Also, I learned how to write conclusions, in text citations, bibliography and connecting the thought into another topic in the same paragraph better. Some of the skills I have gained through this course is the discipline to continue making progress on the essay, organization and not putting the project off until last minute. Some tools that I possess now in which I did at the beginning are conclusions, citing properly,…show more content…
Another main tool that I use know in my writing is in text citations. Before, I would have a quote from another source and then not cite it correctly. In one of my essays, I wrote (Barry, 215.) after a quote written by him. There were many problems with the citation for example, I included the comma and did not put the period outside of the parenthesis. Later I fixed my problem but, when it then came to cite the source at the end of the essay another problem came. I did not know how the formatting was for the bibliography. Instead of indenting the second line of the citation, I would indent the first line which now I realize was wrong. These were just some of the mistakes I make but, I also made others too like not connecting my thoughts and grammar. Another, mistake I used to have but now am using as my benefit is connecting the thoughts. Many of my paragraphs were choppy and jumped from topic to topic. Now, I take the time to go through and connect the ideas to make them better. During the introduction in my first week essay I wrote “Whether people realize it or not, they depend on the ability to read well. Along with writing, many people need to communicate well and write properly in order to be successful in life” (Moine). There was no connecting sentence that lead the ability to read to the ability to write and how it affected the life of people. Now, I can connect my thoughts in the same
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