I Have Learned More About Myself By Exposing Myself Essay

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I have learned more about myself by exposing myself to different experiences. By doing so, my implicit biases, stereotypes and prejudices toward other groups have changed. I have found myself stepping out of my normal routines, which has given me a better understanding of people who are different from me and have led me to see how the stereotypes I had come to be. I have also learned more about myself by keeping those biases that I have in mind and taking the proper steps to correct them. Also I have learned that I must create change when working with or being around diverse groups. I have caught myself reacting most to the Arab families because of the prejudice and discrimination against the Arab Americans. The Arab Americans are repeatedly rooted in negative stereotypes about Arab and Muslims. The media and news always portray the Arab Americans as terrorist, however when I read the articles on the Arab families I got a totally different image about them. The readings gave me a better insight I learned about their religion, how family is their main concern and about there Arabic language. I also found myself reacting to the Ted Talk by Dalia Mogahed. Her speech was beautiful and well said. One crucial thing that she said that stood out to me was “ Muslims, like all other Americans, aren’t a tumor in the body of America, we’re a vital organ”. In God’s eyes, we are all equal. In so with that being said the Arab culture was whom I reacted to the most. As a helper I think

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