I Have Long Advocated For Social Equality

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I have long advocated for social equality and been aware of the prevalence of racism. However, my forethought now seems insignificant compared to the degree of racism that James W. Loewen suggests is indoctrinating the minds and classrooms of America’s youth. Loewen takes readers on an enlightening journey through his book, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, that intends to expose the false claims and lack of information in standard American high school history textbooks. He aims to set the record straight on how and why American history is so misrepresented and why it is important to represent history accurately and not limitedly. Throughout the book, he largely focuses on the shortcomings or outright fallacies of historical textbooks in regards to racism, government, colonialism, and patriotism. Loewen serves this book to bring about institutional change where he feels that it is needed and to stress the importance of factual historical information and realpolitik. He displays vast amounts of logical and thoroughly descriptive anecdotes and facts, however, the scrambled organization of his topics, and his clear devotion and passion for the theme of social justice and anti-racism present the problem of bombardment. Furthermore, he does not appeal to his suggested audience in adequate rhetorical manner that is consistent with his declared purpose of the book.
Loewen’s constant stream of anecdotal and factual evidence thoroughly…
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