I Have Measured Out My Life With Coffee Spoons Prufrock

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Eliot’s use of word choice leads to the interpretation of his images. The title of this poem may sound like a love letter or love song but in fact it’s about a lonesome cowardly man that rambles on about his depressing mediocre life of love and misfortune. Prufrock seems to spend most of his time eating, drinking and contemplating his future. He speaks of knowing the mornings, evenings, and afternoons and uses a enthralling metaphor, “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons;”(105.51). Spoons only hold so much sugar or honey and that is what he measures his life with, time. People think that time is always there for us to meet people, or to fall in love, but there isn’t time for every single thing we wish we could do. “In a minute
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