I Have Never Be Much Of A Leader Essay

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I have never considered myself to be much of a leader, as I have always felt that in order to lead, one has to be strong and oriented enough to lead people on the right path. Because I still feel that I don’t know much in life, I find it difficult to label myself as a competent leader. That being said, in the past few years I have noticed an abrupt change in my way of thinking. I now acknowledge that I am never going to know enough, therefore, I have to jump into action and then figure out what I don’t know along the way.
I believe that one of my greatest gifts or strengths is my understanding of interconnectedness. In other words, my belief that all living beings are connected to one another, therefore every action that we make will simultaneously produce a reaction. Because I understand that I am not an isolated sentient being, I understand that I have a duty to both act morally, and to use my time on earth to empower those who are suffering, because their situation affects me too. An understanding of interconnectedness is relevant because it creates a path towards mercy and truth, which are crucial components to resolving the current conflicts the world is facing.
Next, I also believe that my thirst for knowledge is another one of my strengths. I am not necessarily concerned with being an expert in all matters; Instead, I am more interested in learning a bit about everything possible. I like to learn about many things people would find boring or unuseful, because I have

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