I Have No Moral Compass

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People say I have no moral compass. They might have a point, after all, I am a smuggler. I sneak things like drugs and phones through borders and by soldiers. I have learned to lie without batting an eye. And I have never once been foiled by a lie detector. I am the best there is when it comes to skulking around in the criminal underworld. Because of this skill, I have quite a reputation. When the most powerful people on the planet need to get illegal items from once place to another, they call me. Of course, they don’t use my real name. When the corps d 'elite want me, they ask for the ‘Ferryman’. I try to draw the line at human trafficking. Not because it seems morally wrong, but because humans are very likely to resist, argue, and mess up the entire operation. My client seemed very adamant, however. He offered me twenty million dollars to transfer five individuals. I tried to feign indecision but he knew he had me right where he wanted. I agreed without giving him time to reproach his offer. He wanted to explain, or rationalize, his situation, but I declined. I don’t have a reason for what I do other than the money. It took me a gargantuan amount of time, but I finally created a plan to smuggle these five individuals. I was supposed to meet my client in the desert to pick up my cargo. I arrived at the spot in the dead of night. There was nothing but sand for miles and miles around me. It was cold, but my excitement for the job warmed me up. After what seemed to be

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