I Have Only Been To Three Of Your Lectures And I Am Already

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I have only been to three of your lectures and I am already realizing that my initial definition of psychology, which was “the study of the mind and how it works” was really incomplete. My definition merely covered one branch of psychology known as cognitive psychology, and this is only one of many areas that are actually included under the title “psychology”. Many psychologists focus on more quantitative aspects than the function of the human mind. There are several different areas that are more easily researched than that of the brain 's functionality. An example would be the behavioral psychology in which the focus is put on observing behavior rather than on the processes going on inside the brain that invoke the subject 's behavior.…show more content…
As an adult in college that unfortunately has not changed much but I put in a lot more effort in doing homework, paying attention in class, studying and taking my time on tests. I also do not procrastinate on papers or projects. It took me years, but after working in a dead-end office job, I have come to realize the importance of education and the value of a degree. My motivation shifted and my feelings for school have completely changed. I no longer dread coming to class and actually enjoy learning and participating. I have two daughters at home and I want to show them what a degree will do for their life, their future and also, their bank account.
I really enjoy Intro to Psychology 101. It is my favorite of the two classes I am taking this semester. I find the class exciting and entertaining. You are whimsical and you keep me intrigued and engaged. I enjoy learning about the different branches of psychology and how much it plays a role in my everyday life. I learned that true definition of Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes. The term psyche in Latin means ‘Anima.” Anima in English translates to “soul.” Oh, soul! I like that word; it’s so deep. I am always soul searching…trying to figure why I do what I do. I question things like why I date who I date, why I parent the way I parent, why I work where I work, why I think the things I think. I think most of us are
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