I Have The Last Of Your Roll

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For the following two weeks I couldn 't be seen without having Vic with me. We went everywhere together, even though I didn 't want him following me everywhere. I don 't think anybody questioned our relationship anymore except for Justin. We had been avoiding each other since the word spread, but when I did see him he obviously didn 't believe any of it was real. Deep down I wanted to talk to him, but I guess I didn 't have the guts to do so. When did I become so cautious? It was totally unlike me.

"Can I have the last of your roll?" Vic asked from next to me at lunch. I shook my head at him, tearing off a piece of the bread and popping it into my mouth. He 's been so pushy lately; always stealing my food and always holding my hand. I didn 't think anything of it anymore and had to stop myself a time or two from actually believing we were a real couple. What we had was not real and never would be.

After lunch I went on with my classes as usual, ignoring any knowing smirks I got when passing people. That was another thing, ever since Vic and I had started to fake date, people didn 't seem as intimidated by me. Out of everything that had happened, this was the only thing that still completely and utterly disturbed me. I didn 't care about Vic pretending to date me anymore, I was used to it, but everything ws not working out like he had suspected it would. Nobody thought we were a power couple, they just thought we were cute. And do you know what cute is? Innocence; total…
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