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I have twin 2 1/2 year olds. One boy, one girl. And they love to help me do everything. The problem, as most of you parents will know, is that "help" isn 't exactly the right word. Of all the chores I attempt to accomplish in my house, my kids ' favorite to assist with is baking. While I do not pretend to be an expert on the subject here are a few tips to successfully bake with little hands helping. Split up the measuring In my household everything has to be split into at least two. The same rule applies to measuring in baking. If I have to measure one cup flour, I will use a half-cup, or even better a quarter-cup so they each get to pour twice. I do this with every ingredient in the recipe, even the little things like salt or baking powder. Explain what you are doing as you go along: "We need one cup of flour so let 's measure four quarter-cups." This is not just fun, it 's a learning experience too. Let them stir…but watch the spoon Of course a mess is going to be made, but I make a mess if I bake by myself too. When making items like brownies or cakes that don 't require the use of an electric mixer this is an easy suggestion. I learned the hard way when making cookies that an electric mixer, a toddler, and a spoon do not mix: I took one step away to get the eggs and my daughter let go of the spoon while the mixer was running. We now have bent beaters that still work, but make a very loud noise. Eating raw dough won 't kill them Part of the fun in baking is…
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