I Have Worked In Education For Ten Years, Eight As An Algebra

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I have worked in Education for ten years, eight as an Algebra 1 educator and two as an Assistant Principal. I am currently finishing up my third year as an Assistant Principal at New Braunfels High School. Education has been a passion of mind since becoming the first person in my family to graduate from high school and obtaining my Bachelor 's degree from Texas State University. Most of my days consist of guiding students in their education endeavor and supporting educators with instruction and delivery in the school setting.
This document is my beliefs on what is important for schools to be successful in improving teaching and learning. Using practiced research and experience; I attempt to describe the importance of hiring
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The issue with educational preparation programs is the lack of experience that is offered in the classroom. Specifically, classroom management strategies and support in teaching. For instance, student teaching experience does help with classroom management, but only a fraction of the amount it entails to run a classroom. Also, research states that teaching is simply not a process that consists of the application of codified techniques and principles that can be developed in the laboratory or learned in the university class. The critical skills are acquired through experience (Walsh, 2001, p. 42). There is a need for organizations to be prepared to seek ways to improve educators’ instructional delivery, administrative procedures, and support services in the classroom setting.
Furthermore, as a current assistant principal, there are times at the beginning of the school year that parents call our offices to discuss their child 's assigned teacher. The calls are regarding parents concerned about the quality of the educator their child is assigned to. Some examples of concerns were bad experiences with the teacher when their other child had him/her as a teacher in the past, and hearsay from other parents about the quality of the educator with their child. This is disturbing since all personnel hired should be highly qualified given the fact that candidates go through the education hiring process. Since strong educators are needed in education, there must be
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