I Have a Rendezvous With Death- Alan Seeger

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“I Have a Rendezvous with Death” written by Alan Seeger works primarily as an expression of differentiating between the conventional view of death, versus the author’s intake. All elements of this poem- rhyme scheme, personification, diction and imagery - work to this effect. With the aid of these elements, the author is able to enlighten his readers that even though foreseeable and capricious, death is not something that we should feared; rather we should come to terms that it is an inevitable part of life and perhaps even anticipate it. To begin analyzing this poem and its nature, we first must understand the context and time period in which it was written. Alan Seeger was twenty-six when World War One broke out in Europe. Due to the…show more content…
It is also debatable that spring in addition to death, spring is being personified. In the seasons, spring is something longed for and vastly anticipated. In this instance the narrator states, “When Spring comes back with rustling shade/ and apple-blossoms fill the air-… I have a rendezvous with death”. (5-7). This is a great illustration in which the author uses juxtaposition, by placing death and spring side by side in order to sharply compare and contrast them. In turn this creates a sharp contrasts between the unpredicted, sudden end of a life, in a “disputable barricade,”(2) versus the much anticipated spring, which would symbolize happiness, life and prosperity. This initiates a train of thought from the reader, perhaps the end of life is not quite as foreboding to the author as we often expect. This is exemplified again when the author mentions his rendezvous with death, and the coming of spring, “When Spring brings back blue days and fair” (6). Diction is employed thoroughly in order to direct the connotations of the reader towards his views on death and to evoke contradicting meanings. This creates almost an emotive tone within the calming sound of the poem if it were to be read aloud. In turn this again demonstrates calmness and peace next to a generally disagreeable situation (death). For instance this is demonstrated with the recurrence of the line, “I have a rendezvous with Death.” The word, “rendezvous” coming

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