I Hear About The Teenage Gunmen Laughing

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Taylor Keasey Mr. Pappas Composition 12 31 April 2016 I Hear Them… All I could hear is "bang" "bang." I hear children screaming . I hear this boys voice asking the girl next to me, "do you still believe in God?" I could hear her settled voice saying "yes!" That 's when I heard the next gunshot. My world turned upside down on April 20, 1999 when Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris came into our school with the worst intentions. I will never be able to forgive them. "I can 't get it out of my mind." I can still see the teenage gunmen laughing before shooting at the teachers and students in Columbine High School. Around 11:10 a.m. Eric talks to a student outside the west entrance of the school. According to the student, Eric had told him…show more content…
"Get down. Get under the tables," I yelled at the students that were in there. I had found a phone, and that 's when everything started to happen. "Jefferson County 911, what is your emergency?" "I am a teacher at Columbine High School. There is a student here with a gun. He has shot out a window. I believe one student- uh...umm...umm... I 've been--" I could hear shots, and I heard bombs go off beneath us," it sounded like World War 2. I knew we were going to die. Dispatcher: "Who is the student?" "I don 't know who the student is" Dispatcher: "ok" "I saw a student outside, I was in the hall-- (sound of shots and bombs being fired out in the hall) "Oh, dear God! Okay! I was on hall duty, I saw a gun. I said "What 's going on out there?" "And the kid that was following me said it was a film production, probably a joke." I said "Well, I don 't think that 's a good idea and I went walking outside to see what was going on." " He pointed the gun straight at us and shot and, my God, the window went out and the kid standing there with me, I think he got hit" "They 're in here. They 're killing all my students" "I need to go now." I had crawled underneath the desk that was in the library. I did not see the shooters. But I could hear them. I could hear them taunting all the kids and laughing at them when they would ask for mercy then "bang." They called a black
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