I Hear America Singing Analysis

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Depending on who is asked, the American Dream has many different definitions. For instance, the upper class may want to reach the point where it can retire at an early age and live in abundance for the rest of their lives. The middle class may strive to provide for its children and retire later in life. As for the lower class, the American Dream could simply be having a place to call home- from rags to riches. Often times, however, when Americans reach the goal they strived for, it does not seem to be enough. These people continue to work or search for meaning in their lives. This theme is apparent all throughout Miller’s Death of a Salesman, The New York Times Working Late by Choice or Not and Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing”. According …show more content…

The line, “Singing with open mouths, their strong melodious songs” (Whitman). seems to convey that the American people are proud of what they work for. The author eloquently describes the ages and different backgrounds of all who work in many different fields. Doing so strongly represents that the American Dream isn’t achieved without hard work and imagination. The poem paints the picture that once an American begins working (typically from a young age) he or she will never stop. Conversely, this doesn’t mean the people are upset with that fact, as it was written in the 1860’s. An era where no matter the age or gender hindered pride for the completion of the task at hand. This is inferred from the quote, “The delicious singing of the mother, or of the young wife at work, or the girl sewing or washing” (Whitman). If the circumstances were the same now as they were then, there would absolutely be an adverse response from the younger generations because strong work ethic seems to have been diluted throughout our culture in recent years. “I Hear America Singing” should be what we strive for with our careers- to be proud of what we do and how far we have

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