I Hear America Singing By Hongston Hughes Analysis

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Whitman is one of America's most acclaimed poets. He has written many free verse pieces, which were incredibly modern for his time. Some even consider him to be the father of free verse. He challenged the American's way of thinking in his day, and in ours. He openly expressed his ideas, he didn't want to conform to society, he wanted to challenge it. Whitman influenced even other remarkable Americans, one of them was Langston Hughes. Hughes was born nearly 100 years after Whitman, but he knew the importance of Whitman's writings. He also impacted many Americans in his time. Therefore, the two, though different, both were crucial in American poetry. When Whitman Wrote "I Hear America Singing", many loved it, when Hughes reads it, he also…show more content…
Hughes is more on the analytical side, he favors the deep thoughts that stick in your mind. According to Dictionary.com, theme is a central idea in a piece of writing or other work of art. Using this definition, we can understand that there are two completely different themes in Hughes' "I, Too, Sing America" and Whitman's "I Hear America Singing". Starting with Whitman, he clearly states that everyone has a voice, and everyone is American. No matter what your profession, you are a part of society. Each person is unique, and sings differently, but they all "sing" America. With Hughes' Poem He states that apparently he doesn't fall into the category of "everyone". From a section of Hughes' Poem, " I, too, sing America. I am the darker brother. They send me to eat in the kitchen When company comes, But I laugh, And eat well, And grow strong. Tomorrow, I'll be at the table When company comes. Nobody'll dare Say to me, 'Eat in the kitchen,' Then. Besides, They'll see how beautiful I am And be ashamed— I, too, am America". He affirms that just because of the color of his skin, people reject him, even though he laughs, eats, and grows like everyone else. Why do people repudiate him if he is another human being, his actions are the identical, but his ethnicity, the one aspect that he cannot control, is what people judge him for. The final comparison between Hughes' and Whitman's poetry, is word choice. by definition, word choice is a writer's selection of words

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