I Hear The Mournful Wail White Simone And Billings

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In the essay I Hear the Mournful Wail White Simone and Billings… (p. 393) Frederick Douglas an escaped slave and a member of the Massachusetts antislavery society was invited “to commemorate Independence Day in Rochester New York”. P. 393 Douglas immediately sets himself apart from the rest of the audience by calling Independence Day their holiday. Frederick Douglas uses questions to draw the audience in asking them to question why indeed do they celebrate Independence Day when equality does not reign for all. White Simone and Billings state that an introduction should “engage the reader” and Douglas accomplishes this well in his essay. P. 126 Douglas then talks to the audience about the inequality of slavery and the rights of the slave, Douglas ask the audience if a Negro is a man. Douglas contradicts the argument that God has ordained slavery. Douglas States that “slavery is not divine” nor “did God establish it instead the doctors of divinity or mistaken”. P. 396 Douglas’s essay rails against slavery and ask the audience to lay aside their beliefs on slavery and instead see slavery for what it is “revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy”. White, Simone and Billings’ state for an opinion to become an arguable theses then it must have these components “it must be presented as a problem capable of being investigated and “the argument must be substantive”. P. 5 “and I am therefore called upon to bring our humble offering to the national altar, and to confess the…

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