I Help Solve Inefficiency Through Design And Scalable Technology

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I help solve inefficiency through design and scalable technology. I believe the digital environment of today requires the ability to respond to unfamiliar situations agilely and to be able to apply design thinking to solve complex problems that face the advertising and marketing environment that is becoming more automated and data-driven. This sentiment is a shared concern across marketers, publishers, brands and the agencies representative of those brands as programmatic and ad-tech has permeated the way media is bought and sold. Part of an integrated marketing and technology services department that creates and engineers highly relevant experiences that accelerate business growth and fuels brand advocacy for our clients requires…show more content…
I say this in respect to the work I have been able to do with the eBay Product team. There are numerous occasions, some of which I would like to detail, where the work I have done may or may not have specifically fit within the title I currently hold within Triad or within the eyes of our eBay counterparts. Non-the-less, one case in example was the intense work I was able to be a part of respective to eBay’s Vision Quest conceptual design sprints led by RJ Pittman and his executive team to forge new ways of exploring and capitalizing on modern design trends and ideas for e-commerce in an effort to rebrand eBay to be more than the preconceived notions of what consumers took it for and to compete in a competitive market. My work consisted of exploring and integrating native advertising in the natural flow of a reimagined eBay experience that was led by the Product teams’ vision of what the platform could be. Such work included how to integrate video and auto-play video, app-install units and display units within eBay’s user flow in an undefined and never explored way that took was purely native. To go a step further we were able to help the Core Product Development team
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