I Hospital Has A Vision And Mission Statement

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Ever hospital has a vision and mission statement. Inside of the organization stands individual units that share their own vision. Let’s exam Swedish Medical Center Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CICU) for example. This facility was founded in 1910 as Seattle’s first 24-bed non-profit hospital by Dr. Nilis August Johanson. Today the facility has over 1,500 beds with over 8,500 employees (Swedish Medical Center, 2016). Critically ill patients in a CICU requires a very highly specialized team. The everyday stress of caring for critically ill patients creates a very strong camaraderie within the unit. It’s easy for staff to clock in everyday and not be Intune with day to day activities. However, this team understands how to exemplify what it looks like working in a fast paced, high-stress environment with compassion and gratitude to life (P. Chisolm, personal communication, 2016) Comradery is maintained by increasing the number of ICU huddles from one to three in order to give staff a chance to ask for help and vent if needed. More huddles also enhance critical thinking skills, by asking for advice concerning a potential crashing patient. This CICU also maintains an open door policy so that no one is every hesitant or afraid to ask for help or voice concerns. Their vision is ethical one; promote the highest quality of patient care provided through the advancement of nursing practice, education, leadership, and research that differentiates them from all others. Their
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