I Interviewed A Counselor Named Cristina Kleinfelter

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For my interview project I interviewed a counselor named Cristina Kleinfelter who works at Pottsgrove Middle School with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Her and a colleague split 400 students in the school and meet with each one of their 200 assigned students when needed. She sees students when she goes to the classroom to teach social skills, and help with college. They both have a mixed population of students they work with whether it be students from broken homes, good homes, etc. She has her Master’s Degree in Counseling and is certified in school counseling, she has been in this field for 14 years so far. She works with the 8th graders the most, with their high school schedules, she explains to them how to pick classes and how to apply to…show more content…
She is also practicing as a counselor in private counseling for people whenever she is off the clock at work. The typical cases/processes she deals with on a day to day basis is just working with students with whatever they may be struggling with or need help with at a certain moment in time. For Middle School counselors the work environment they typically work with students on social skills and study skills, as they make the difficult transition from youth to young adult. Middle school counselors may also assist some students with their educational goals particularly students in gifted programs and students with special needs or disabilities. Early adolescence is the time when most students first begin to consider their future goals and their place in the world, and a school counselor can provide vital guidance in what opportunities lie ahead. he first step in the education of a school counselor is to obtain a bachelor 's degree - usually in counseling, psychology, education or social work, though a degree in a related field can be acceptable. Following this four-year program, candidates must obtain a specialized master 's degree in school counseling, which is required by most states for employment as a counselor in a school or university setting. Some school counselors first work more directly in education (as
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