I Interviewed A Former Babysitter Of Mine

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For this assignment, I interviewed a former babysitter of mine, DL. DL is 25 years old and is deaf. She has a hearing aid and a cochlear implant. I reached out to her on Facebook and asked her if I could interview her for the assignment; I sent her the list of questions and she sent the answers back to me. She does not remember noticing that she couldn’t hear; her guess is that her hearing loss was from birth and very gradual, so she never noticed and thought it was normal as a kid. Her parents noticed something was off by the age of 3- she had a severe language delay, didn’t do well with verbal instruction, and was extremely quiet and shy. She does not know the cause of her hearing loss. DL finds it most difficult to hear in situations where it is noisy in the background; she can’t hear on the phone and doesn’t even try. She manages in these situations by not going to any noisy restaurants (for example, Cheesecake Factory is the WORST) unless the person she’s with knows ASL. If she’s with someone who doesn’t sign, she tries to spend time with them where she can control the noise in the environment; in a noisy environment, she lip reads or uses context to fill in the blanks of what she missed. At home, she lives with three deaf roommates so they have light flashes for our doorbell as an assistive listening device. DL’s audiologist and DHOH team (deaf and hard of hearing) from her schools provided information for her parents related to hearing loss. She recommends that
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