I Interviewed David Christopher Dickens 's Life Stages Of Middle Adulthood

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I interviewed David Christopher Dickens, better known as Dave, on February 2, 2016. He is almost 42 years old and in the life stage of middle adulthood. The questions asked to him pertained to his family prior to marriage, childhood, parents, friends, education, work, marriage, parenting, and a few miscellaneous questions. The main developmental tasks Dave expressed pertained to being apart of a family group, friendship, education, intimate relationships, work, and childbearing/parenting. Family can pertain to one’s family of origin, one’s extended family, and the family one creates. David’s family of origin, which is the family he was born to, consisted of a mother, father, and two older sisters. Although he was the youngest and only brother in the immediate family, he had and continues to have a good relationship with his sisters, Erica and Michelle. As a child, he was in charge of mowing the lawn, cutting and bringing in firewood, and cleaning his room and the basement. Dave attended Gallop Hill School in Ledyard, where he had many friends and ate lunch at his desk because they didn’t have a cafeteria. During childhood and up until he married his wife, Dave’s extended family was primarily located in Queens, New York. Whenever he visited them, the whole family would meet at his Aunt Kathy’s house, which is where David’s mother and family grew up. Another place that they gathered was at his Grandpa Red’s house in Groton, where his dad, uncles, and aunt grew up. Because it
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