I Interviewed My Family Friend Sandi Mahoney

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For my interview, I interviewed my family friend Sandi Mahoney that has her masters in social work. She attended Umass Amherst for her bachelor 's degree and then she attended Framingham State for her masters. Currently, Mahoney works as a therapist at her own private practice. My first impression of the agency was it was a small building. I did not feel overwhelmed going into the building because how small it was and I knew exactly where to go. There was a secretary that was in the waiting room and she was very friendly to me. The waiting room was also very welcoming. There were pictures of happy families all over the waiting room. There was also a play area for children. If I was a client here, I would feel very comfortable talking and telling Sandi Mahoney what was on my mind. Before she started her own practice, she worked as a department investigative social worker for 29 years before she retired from that profession. Mahoney decided that she wanted to be a social worker because she had a big interest in counseling and helping children with family problems. She felt that she would make a difference in their lives if she became a social worker. The purpose of her private practice is to help people to their maximum potential. There are many issues that she comes in to contact everyday at her job that she discussed with me. Mahoney has to deal with clients that suffer from anxiety, depression, life transition, grief and loss, marital and family issues. She expresses

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