I Interviewed My Uncle Matt Today

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Collin Morlock 1. I interviewed my uncle Matt today, Sunday, October 05, 2014 while I was back home. He’s 66 years old and was actually fairly excited for the interview, which lasted approximately 40 minutes. 2. I agree with what Matt said about technology, with how fast technology is advancing, it’s slowly making the world seem like a smaller place. I think another noticeable topic was how much he liked retired life and all the time for relaxation he had. I also agree with what he said about society relying too much on government help. People need to start taking a little more responsibility for themselves. 3. I think that some of the responses fit right in place with what the book says, especially his response to question number 9. His response to question 9 was very similar to one of our first four discussion posts on aging as well. From this interview I learned more about aging from the perspective of someone who is much older than I am. It was a very interesting interview which helped me gain a better understanding of aging. Q1: What are some of your earliest memories? How was your childhood like your friends? How was it different? A1: My earliest memory was when my sister was born and we moved to a new house. Some of my other earliest memories was playing all kinds of sports with the neighbor friends in the back yard. My childhood was an awful lot like my friends, we were all about the same age, lived in the same neighborhood, roughly all the same socioeconomic status,

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