I Interviewed Provided Me With A Wealth Of Knowledge And Opportunities Essay

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Project Week Two
Ernestine Brodie
Walden University

The three people that I interviewed provided me with a wealth of knowledge and opportunities to work with children in different job positions. I really did not realize the different job opportunities available to utilize my degree and my love of helping children. I am not sure what the future holds beyond teaching young children, but I do know now that the possibilities are limitless in the early childhood/child development field. The first person I interviewed was C. Hawkins in her Head Start class. Mrs. Hawkins is a Head Start Teacher who works with 3 year old children at the Head Start Program in Henderson, NC. Mrs. Hawkins began in the early childhood field as a lead teacher in a childcare center after obtaining her associate’s degree. She worked there for about 9 years before the center closed. She said she was in the process of obtaining her bachelor’s degree in early childhood when she applied for the Head Start Teacher position. Although she had the experience she said she took a chance because she had yet to finish her bachelor’s degree which was one of the job requirements. She was very grateful when she was hired on the contingency of beginning a bachelor’s program within six months. Since she was already in the process, it didn’t take too much longer for her to finish her degree. She comes up with weekly thematic lesson plans that cover all areas such as reading, music, writing, language,…

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