I Interviewed Xolo Thulani Msomi, A Prerequisite For Culture Interview Assignment

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As a prerequisite for Culture Interview Assignment for my Sociology class, I interviewed Xolo Thulani Msomi, a sophomore at Westminster College on the 1st of February 2016. He comes from the Zulu culture, a South African Culture. Xolo grew up in a small family – his parents and his older brother. Xolo traveled to India for his high school, where the students came from 60 different nations and lived there for two years. Not only Indian culture, but Xolo also got exposed to other 60 different cultures from all over the world which provided him with an opportunity to understand and have perspectives on various cultural values and ways of life. However, I have only gathered the information about Zulu Culture through the detailed interview. Zulu culture emphasis on the needs, wants and desire of the people of the society. It is an ancient and popular culture practiced by the people of South Africa. People in this culture are defined by the community values who believe that everyone has to work together to live a healthy and happy life together as a community. In Zulu culture, being a patriarchy society, marriages happen on the men side, and the women move to their husband’s house. Although the men are held in the higher stream with some privileges, the people of Zulu culture believe in the equality between the men and women of the society. Women in this culture are respected and protected and are given praise be understanding that without them you cannot continue without

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