I.Introduction . A)Purpose. Renault Uk As A Pioneer In

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I. Introduction a) Purpose Renault UK as a pioneer in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry has a good performance in the EV market. This report first described Renault UK and the product New ZOE analysed in this article; then this report generally introduced the same type of vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) on the market. Based on the information, this report listed all aspects of external factors New ZOE faced and analysed the actual situation; then comprehensive analysis the two development opportunities and potential threats in the end. The purpose of this report is to analyse the external factors of New ZOE and to present opportunities and threats accordingly to help better respond to the market. b) Identification of Renault…show more content…
Meanwhile, the starting price is from £13995 for Expression Nav with a compulsory battery hire of £59 per month. Roberts (2016) reported that Renault had delivered its largest UK order of ZOE EV to Europcar UK for the provision and collection of rental vehicles in the UK due to some key features such as easy to use and environmental compatibility. More than 10,000 full electric vehicle sales, up 3.3% in 2015. ZOE made a strong contribution to this performance. In the first six months of 2015, continued Renault in Europe was the best-selling manufacturer of electric vehicles. (Dow Jones Factiva, 2017). d) Substitute products and manufacturers in the same market Although the market is dominated by HEV, the industries’ new car sales in 2015 by 86.1%, there is evidence that the sales of 100% EV have recently experienced particularly strong growth. (Mason, 2017a) Please see appendix A for further details on new registrations of HEV and EV from 2011 to 2016. In this market, EV not only needs to compete with other EV from different manufacturers but also needs to consider HEV as substitute products. EV and HEV belong to ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles) An analysis of those who are active in the ULEV section of the hybrid and power markets shows how the sector currently competes by a relatively limited number of manufacturers, please figure 1. Specifically, the two most famous companies are Mitsubishi and Nissan, although their new sales share was relatively reduced as

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