I. Introduction. In The State Of Texas, If You Receive

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I. Introduction In the state of Texas, if you receive payment for a quarter ounce or less of marijuana, it is considered a ‘Class A’ misdemeanor (Health and Safety Code, 2015, Sec. 481.120.). However, if you deliver a quarter ounce or less of marijuana and do not receive payment, it is a ‘Class B’ misdemeanor (Health and Safety Code, 2015, Sec. 481.120.). It is a state jail felony if you deliver and receive payment for more than a quarter ounce but less than five pounds. If the amount exceeds five pounds, but less than fifty pounds, you will be charged with a second degree felony (Health and Safety Code, 2015, Sec. 481.120.). The charges move up to a first degree felony if you deliver more than fifty pounds, but less than 2,000 pounds, of…show more content…
(2015). Sec. 481.201). In June of 2015, the “Compassionate-Use Act” was passed to allow patients low prescriptions of THC to help alleviate seizures and other painful symptoms. To do this, the doctor must have proven that he prescribed two separate non-THC treatments and both proved ineffective of alleviating the patient’s systems (Health and Safety Code, 2015, S.B. 339). II. Rationale and Intent for Texas’ Policy Back in the 1900’s when there was a large immigration influx of Mexicans into the U.S., citizens not only saw there was an influx of their customs. This included the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes (Burnett and Reiman, 2014). What most Americans didn’t realize is that it is the same as what they knew as cannabis, which had been used in many medicines for years and was found in may American households. The U.S. had been known to control immigrants by having an excuse to search and deport certain races by outlawing the use of their traditional medicinal drugs, like had been done with Chinese immigrants and the use of opium in San Francisco (Burnett and Reiman, 2014). Texas adopted this way of thought by using marijuana to control Mexican immigrants. Claims were made that marijuana was able to “cause men of color to become violent and solicit sex from white women” (Burnett and Reiman, 2014). From accusation like this, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 came into being and

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