I. Introduction. The Mind Body Problem Is A Problem That

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I. Introduction The mind body problem is a problem that has been around for a long time. The problem is the question "Does the body rule the mind, or does the mind rule the body?", the reason it 's still a problem today is because we don 't have a scientific understanding of how the mind and body interact. The interactions of the mind and the matter of the body is seen every day. You can only be aware of things around you through your senses. When you touch a table, your fingers tell you through nerves that the surface you are in contact with is smooth, flat, etc. If you examine that same surface with a high-powered microscope, you will see ridges and valleys that the nerves in your fingers cannot detect. Why is this a problem for the…show more content…
Lastly, I will wrap up this paper my evaluation of the arguments and the conclusion.
II. Leibniz’ Principle of Identity of Indiscernible The Leibniz’ Principle of Identity introduces if M = B, then M and B share all the same properties. “M has property P, b does not have property P, if m has a property that b lacks, then m ≠ b, therefore m ≠ b.” Using the superman example, “Lois Lane wants to marry Superman. Lois Lane does not want to marry Clark Kent. Therefore, Superman is not identical with Clark Kent.” In the eyes of Lois Lane, Superman is the hero she wants to marry while Clark Kent is just a regular guy. Unknowing to her, they are both the same person. Leibniz law shows that superman is known for all his super powers and special abilities and everyone thinks that Clark Kent is just a regular guy so the two could not be one of the same. When Lois lane marries Superman, she also marries Clark Kent which defeats the use of this law. This same law can be applied to the mind body problem being that you cannot doubt having a brain but you can doubt having a body. My body is dubitable, and it is divisible. My mind is indubitable and it is indivisible. With that, one can say that the mind and body are two different beings because they do not share the same properties.
III. Descartes’s Argument for Dualism: The Indubitability Argument The Indubitability Argument is basically saying I can think and perceive distinctly and clearly, therefore my mind exists; however,
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