I Join The Ms Hrm Program

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Looking back, it feels as if yesterday that I joined the MS HRM program. I have always been inclined towards the Human Resources profession and I believe that I have a natural talent for it. Youth is the lenses on life’s eye’s, which makes you take decisions spontaneously and I too fell for it, being completely enamored by one of my Marketing professor’s knowledge lead me to select Marketing as my major thinking I possibly will make it with very little comprehension to what competencies are required to do well in this specific career. Certainly, I am one of the very few privileged people who has got a second chance to pursue and transcend into a profession that they are passionate about and make a difference. Indeed, it takes a lot of…show more content…
This will be a win-win situation for the company and the workforce as the company will have high productivity and employees will be satisfied. Particularly putting emphasis on my analysis skills and developing it further I want to be part of a workforce Analytics team and aid the firm to take strategic decisions to create a strong human capital for the company to achieve the business objective. WHY WORKFORCE ANALYTICS: Very few companies realize that the real asset and competitive advantage a firm has is its workforce. Having a highly productive workforce is a directly proportional to an engaged workforce, for achieving this I want to play an instrumental role. There is an immense reliance on data on every aspect of business, human resource is no exception to it. To elevate the Human Resource department to the strategic table workforce analytics is the roadmap. To reach this goal I need the following skill sets: • Statistical Knowledge • Excellent Proficiency in MS Excel • Analyze the data • Make recommendations. HCI (Human Capital Institute) offers a few certifications such as Strategic workforce
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