I Joined The Women 's Ministry Team

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I joined the women 's ministry team because I desired to help create a community of women who were Christ-satisfied, gospel-focused, theologically grounded, and mutually encouraged that we may better "know Him and make Him known" not only in our church but in our neighborhood and in the nations.
At the time that I joined, the ministry-- like many ministries at our church-- was in recovery from a lack of vision and oversight. Since then, several things have changed for the better. The ministry has given our women the chance to participate in outreaches both on a local and global scale. The ministry has provided weekly Bible studies, periodic book studies, and special events such as prayer breakfasts and the occasional women 's conference.
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As leaders, we bear the responsibility for building in our women an appetite for the meat of the Word. This happens incrementally not instantly but it must happen if we are to grow and thrive as individuals and as a ministry.
While fellowship and fun are good things, sometimes this takes precedence over opportunities to grow. The weekly study and the book studies have been steps in the right direction, but our organized events-- such as the recent prayer breakfasts-- have not always presented helpful teaching. At the most recent prayer breakfast, several of the speakers-- who were not even church members-- espoused unsound doctrine that should not be condoned from our podium. That is a direct failure of our ministry team, because we are-- under oversight on the elders-- responsible for the content of the teaching presented to our women.
This failure to apprehend the importance of right thinking and right teaching allow appears on an individual level. Women who speak out in our studies to correct Scriptural inaccuracies have sometimes been labeled as intimidating or potentially insensitive to the viewpoints of other women. While there is always need for humility and discretion in our discussion of Scripture, there is no less a need for clarity and the truth. Our Reformed doctrines call us to a
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