I Just Wanna Be Average Essay

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Denise Cid Professor Gaydosh English 101 13 March 2017 Education is what initially builds us and sets us apart from others. In “I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose, vocational education “a euphemism for the bottom level” is what set Mike Rose and his classmates apart from the rest of the school. Vocational Education seemed to affect Mike Rose in a negative and positive way. From the negative experiences he went through with his teachers and the low perspective others had of the “vocational track and their students” to the positive outcomes of how having other teachers that care for him and his education and only want what is best for him and his future. Throughout the two years of vocational education Rose had some terrible experiences with the teachers. Rose was physically abuse by his teachers. “..And occasionally he would lose control and shake or smack-us. I hadn’t been there two months when one of his brisk, face-turning slaps had my glasses sliding down the aisle.”(Pg.125) Rose was abused by his teacher just because the students would get…show more content…
Vocational Education was viewed as the key point to Rose life. It prepared him to the “real world.” “Vocational Education has aimed at increasing the economic opportunities of students who do not do well in our schools. Some serious programs succeed in doing that… there were a few teachers who worked hard at education; young Brother Slattery, for example, combined a stern voice with weekly quizzes to try to pass along a skeletal outline of world history.”(Pg.126) Rose was blessed with some teachers in that track that found one way or another to help them and get things stuck to
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