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“I Just Wanna Be Average” By: Mike Rose Summary: In the story “I Just Wanna Be Average” the author Mike Rose argues that society very often neglects and doesn’t see the full value and potential of students. As a student you’re not the only that is frustrated. Rose explains how even dealing with the issues and difficulty of a highly respected professor you can still somehow find comfort as a student and learn to deal with the issues of the professor in your own way. Rose also points out that the impact a teacher has on his or her students is very powerful. I know from experience that when you as a student can respect and relate to a teacher your more willing to put as much effort as you can into your own work. Rose…show more content…
The students in this track were often labeled as “unruly, and not motivated” and of course the parents and students are faced with embarrassment which can be tragic just from an error this school had made. If Professor Rose had not taken that single Biology course his sophomore year in “Our Lady of Mercy” his educational career as a professor would not have been a success. It is always very important teachers understand the importance and responsibility of their role that is in these student’s everyday lives, they shape the way these students think, and understand everyday education we use. During the essay Ken Harvey mentions that he just wants to be average and considers himself to be below average while Rose is thinking to himself what an absurd comment it was. When an individual is constantly told that he or she is not smart they can’t do this or that it lowers their confidence and they actually start working at that level and not striving for the highest standard. Teachers and or professors have many responsibilities including the most important one which is knowing and making sure the student or child understands every single lesson they teach. Logos: Mike rose clearly demonstrates that teachers and students as well have to and must take active roles in any education program. Any type of person of education which can be a teacher,
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