I Know It Was An Accident And She Didn 't Mean

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‘I know it was an accident and she didn’t mean to hurt Ashleigh. I know it was bad luck. I know Ashleigh should not have got in the car. But Jo needs to be punished by the law...I want the law, the community to say it was wrong...’ Antonello paused, ‘but I don’t want to make it any harder for her than it has to be. I felt sorry for her when I saw her at the Bridge. You’re right, she’s suffering too.’ They had talked about it for a long time and they agreed to write a short statement about their granddaughter, about her beauty and her potential, her intelligence, the joy she bought to their lives, and about their sadness and grief. On the way from the carpark to the courtroom that morning, Rae said, ‘I hope she gets a long sentence. I know I should be more forgiving. That I should be moving on, and that I should think about what Ashleigh might have wanted. I’m trying not to hate her but she has to be punished… and I don’t want to see her again, never. I want her to be banished. I don’t want to walk around dreading that I might run into her, that Jane or Alex might run into her.’ Rae and Alex were coming back to themselves, slowly. They were back to parenting Jane, and they were talking to each other again, occasionally touching even in public, winking at each other when something Antonello or Paolina said seemed old fashioned or tiresome or repetitive. In the few months between his meeting with Jo at the Bridge and the court case, Antonello made several attempts to get

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