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"I know..." He murmured softly, taking Amaimon 's hand in his own and squeezing it lightly, his words laced with deep love and understanding. "It 's hard to talk about these things...and that it will hurt...but it 's best for the both of us to try and be as open as possible," he didn 't wish to push Amaimon. No, that wasn 't the goal, and if his brother said he could not talk about it now then he walls not be upset. Instead, Mephisto wished to express that Amaimon should not be afraid to voice his worries, and that he was there for the earth King at all times. They were stronger together, they knew that, they relied on that, their relationship was built on that fact. The fact that their lives meant more and equated to more when they were together. They were more when they had each other. More than they could ever be alone and that was important, so that aspect of their relationship had to be taken care of. The openness between them helped take care of it and keeping things to themselves, leaving things to fester was very detrimental to their mate hood. Mephisto watched as Amaimon cried, knowing it would do no good to wipe away his tears, yet, as he spoke, his voice trembling, Mephisto plucked a napkin from their breakfast tray, reaching out to wipe his mate 's nose and brush his disheveled hair aside. He hugged him close as he nestled against his shoulder sadly, hand at the back of his head, murmuring quietly"If it 's heavy then tell me, Otouto, you don 't have to carry

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