Essay about I Know This Much Is True Critical Analysis

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I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE “There are two young men lost in the woods… I may never find one of the young men. He has been gone so long. But as for the other, I may have better luck.” (284-285). This statement was made by Dr. Patel, a psychologist. It shows a accurate summarization of human life. People become lost and distracted by anger. It is impossible to live a peaceful and happy life when individuals cannot forgive those who have hurt them. Forgiving others will lead to the path of happiness, but to truly be content one must forgive oneself. One has to be true and honest with oneself to be truly happy. This is the basic theme of Wally Lamb’s novel I Know This Much is True. Dominick Birdsey is a man with many issues. He is angry at …show more content…
Madder than he’s ever been before…. (612)
Dominick, the “spider monkey,” didn’t fit in with his brother and mother’s feminine personalities. He was the rambunctious boy and Tomas was the quiet tom girl He didn’t want to be the one to have to protect them. It was too much pressure for a young boy to have to take care of his mother and brother, and at the same time receive no praise or love.
“I had to defend all three of us. Myself, and him, and her. And even then… even when I did…” I was sobbing now; I couldn’t help it.
“And even then, although you protected her and your brother—fought both of their battles for them—even then, she loved your brother more than you?” (816)
Dominick resented his brother because of the special bond Thomas had with their mother. He was envious of the love Thomas received. He was too young to deal with his stepfather’s temper and protect his mother and brother from that same temper. As Dominick grew up his responsibility for the care of his brother increased even more. At the age of nineteen, Tomas developed schizophrenia. Dominick had become Thomas’ main caretaker and spent a lot of time with him. It became even harder when Thomas cut off his own hand because of his illness. Dominick had to deal not only with both Tomas’s legal and physical care, but also cope with the fact that his twin was mentally insane. Dominick often put Thomas’ needs before his own. With his mother on his death bed he made certain to