I Know Why Poor White Donto Trump Dunbar Analysis

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Poor Whites and Trump In the article “I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump Trump Trump” by Jonna Ivin, the author poses the question “why do poor whites vote along the same party lines as their wealth neighbors across the road?” Knowing that what the upper class votes for is what benefits them, so why would the poorer underclass whites want to vote for something beneficial to those who are above them even if it’s “against their best interests” as Jonna Ivin puts it. The author, Jonna Ivin talks about a survey that showed that if any Republican voter agreed, or slightly agreed with the statement “People like me don’t have any say about what the government does” they would be 86.5% more likely to vote in favor of Donald Trump. He [Donald Trump]…show more content…
Ivin talks about how the poor whites along with the blacks were actually slaves to the upper white class, the poor whites and the blacks were so alike, living in poverty, and struggling to get money to survive, so if they had seen it that way, that they are equal, to the blacks and they should do something about the government with their right to vote, they could’ve made a drastic change, because the slaves at one point outnumbered the elites. It wasn’t that simple, the elites put through the poor whites heads that because their skin was white, they were better than black slaves even if they both lived in poverty, the thought of having white skin was believed to give them a boost in their say, believing they were being heard. The elites wanted to stop the blacks from getting freedom, because they needed black slaves, and if they rumored that blacks, once granted freedom, they were “portrayed as a danger to all” the rich and poor had one common enemy, the black slaves. The upper class wanted the lower class whites to join their side to stop the blacks from gaining any rights and being freed, so being influenced by the upper class, poor whites thought they were fighting for what was best for them, but really they were helping the richer whites in this situation, being manipulated and believing these crazy things about black slaves and what could possibly…show more content…
No one cares about me” Ivin repeatedly adds, this statement she uses, represents the underclass poor whites, they need to feel that they have a voice and his supporters believe that he cares about them. Trump supporters use the excuse that's he's already rich to give reason to “he can't be bought”. The wealthy elites depend on the white underclass, so that is why they [the wealthy elites] have persuaded the underclass to vote along with them to “help keep America great”. Here Jonna Ivin questions “who are we keeping America great for?” I agree with her questioning here, it's not the 1600’s there are no slaves, the wealthy elites shouldn't have control over the “poor whites” they all need to think for themselves, and they shouldn't be putting ideas through people's heads. White underclassmen need to open their eyes because they're in denial, they want a voice in our society, the government hasn't failed the wealthy, they've failed everyone but them. The poorer underclass whites believe Trump cares and will take their opinions into account, but open your eyes America, he won't, he lies, and he doesn't care, it's not about making America great, it's about making the great even
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