I Know You Love Me Now Let Me Die By Louis Proeta Analysis

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In the article, “I Know You Love Me - Now Let Me Die,” the author, Louis M. Profeta, argues that the American society today treats the dying as if their life is meaningless. He furthers his argument by using reminiscence to remind everyone how the elderly used to be treated. There was a woman who only had a few more days until her time was up, “[s]pent with familiar sounds, in a familiar room, with familiar smells that gave her a final chance to summon memories that will help carry her away… that’s how she used to die. We saw our elderly different then” (Profeta). When the elderly are dying, most of them want to be in a place where they are comfortable, so that they can die in peace. They want to remember all the times that made them happy…show more content…
Although they are surrounded by healthcare providers who are tasked with saving their lives, they are not in a place where they feel comfortable. The author’s purpose is to send a message to the American society that they should be doing the opposite of putting the elderly in the hospitals and nursing homes, and instead take care of them. In the twenty-first century, medicine “take[s] that small child running through the yard, being chased by her brother with a grasshopper on his finger, and imprison her in a shell that does not come close to radiating the life of what she once had” (Profeta). The elderly are forcibly being placed in hospitals and nursing homes by their families, who do not want to take care of them. The memory shows the patient’s childhood of when she was full of joy, and all of that was taken away when she was put in a healthcare facility. They are now trapped in a place where they do not want to be in with physicians who do value their well-being, and rely on the technology of medicine to save them, but do not value their wishes to end their own
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