I Know You Want It

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Isabella Salas-Allende Professor Vines FWS: Short Stories 11/8/15 Blurred Lines I know you want it. I know you want it. I know you what it… My back was pressed against the wall, partly because I couldn’t stand up straight on my own. You 're a good girl… The obnoxious music penetrated deep past my ear drum and pumped through me. The stench of sweat and stale foamy beer consumed the air. Blackness engulfed me and all the other one hundred clammy bodies in the room. Their erratic body movements were revealed to the wandering eyes only when the disco ball flashed its blinding lights on them. Can 't let it get past me. You’re far from plastic. Talk about getting blasted… He was leaning against the wall right next to me. His hand was wrapped around my waist, which pulled me closer and closer to him. I thought nothing of it. I hate these blurred lines… Alcohol and adrenaline spread their dizzying magic through my head. I tried to hold onto my clarity, but I watched myself nervously laughing at his every word and swaying back and forth more and more often. That August day I set out into Collegetown to assert my independence from my parents by experiencing for the first time the so-called magic and wonder of fraternity parties without my parents’ consent. The ostentatiousness, elation, and novelty that define college parties in movies as a place where college students blow off steam allured me; college parties are depicted in pop culture as the quintessential Friday night.

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