I Language: A Language Analysis

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For my sixth paper, I would like to talk about the “I” language. This language is a part of the language of responsibility. It takes an, “It” statement to an, “I” statement, making arguments or fights less possible. One example I have of this is from a situation I had at work with coworker.
My coworker and I were taking an elderly patient down for an X-ray test, her husband came with us. My coworker was also a volunteer firefighter, so he was used to working at a very fast pace. I had to keep pushing back on the bed to slow him down because I could see the husband was having difficulty keeping up with us. While we were in the X-ray room we helped position her for the pictures. My coworker treated her more like an object in the way than an elderly woman with a broken hip. He ripped the pillow out from behind her to move it out of the way and hit her head. He was very abrupt with her, moving quick and muttering quietly,”Gotta do this for the test, it won’t take long.” I was in shock and tried to apologize to the patient and let her know that as soon as the test was over I would help her get comfortable again. I smiled at the husband as if to say I am so sorry for my coworker’s behavior. Once the job was done and the patient was safely and comfortably back in her room, I pulled my coworker aside. I wanted to scream at him and ask him if that is how he would treat his mother, but I didn’t. I decided that if I let him know how the situation made me feel, it wouldn’t come across like I was attacking him. I said, “That job made me feel very uncomfortable, I understand that you are used to carrying
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This is very useful because you aren’t assuming or accusing the other person; you are stating how their behavior or action has affected you, which the other person may not even be aware of. Non-confrontational people like myself, get a lot of use out of “I”
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