I Lay Dying By William Faulkner

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Faulkner is known to be one of the greatest authors in the world. His style of writing and creative use of diction has made him a favorite among many to read. Although his writing can be confusing and hard to understand, it still remains a tour de force. As I Lay Dying is one of Faulkner’s best novels to show off his unique writing style. His technique of using multiple perspectives in the novel contributes to the reader’s understanding of the ideas contained in the text.
Faulkner uses a distinct type of narrative style called stream-of-consciousness to go about his story. The technique of stream-of-consciousness allows for the narration to be introduced as if the thoughts are being read as the characters are thinking them. Unlike conventional novels that write from a narrator or one character’s perspective, As I Lay Dying is written from all the characters’ perspectives. Every thought they have is uncensored, chaotic and lacking the presence of an objective narrator. In addition, because it is the character 's thoughts rather than dialogue with another, the first instinct is to believe since the thoughts are usually unfiltered. The idea of the streams of consciousness comes from psychology, turning character psychology into a very important idea that is more complex than traditional writing. However, this style of text makes the readers have to formulate connections with the book in order to understand and follow it. This creates the multiple ideas that Faulkner presents,
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