I Learned About My Own Work Habits

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At the beginning of the semester I was unsure of what to expect with being a full-time student and Varsity athlete and balancing my time between academics, athletics, my friends and my free time to just rest and relax. The mixed emotions that came from this drove me to sign up for this class, because it seemed like something that could set the foundation for success in all facets of my life over the next four years at Kenyon. With a different assignment on different topics each week I was able to learn about my own work habits. We read extensively from Getting Things Done by David Allen and the Now Habit by Neil Fiore to learn from the best on techniques to aid in preventing procrastination, through figuring out things like the all the projects we are currently committed to and our areas of responsibility to help us devise a strategy to consistently stay on top of our work. However, the ultimate question is “how has my productivity changed, now how do I handle stress, and what strategies have I learned that have aided in my productivity?” Through all the readings and lectures the effect it has taken on my productivity and stress level go hand in hand and I have changed because of Allen, Fiore and this class. I have learned all these strategies that I will talk about that helped me learn more about myself to create a plan to get my work done. In doing so, I become less stressed and therefore my productivity has increased a significant amount in this semester and since high…

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