I Learned For My Programming Class

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1, to describe what I did to prepared for my programming class First of all I have had no much computer programming skill from the past time except completed some short term programming courses and off course had some basic idea of python language programming system and sometime tested at list every language programming system. The very beginning and week 1 of my major course computer programming compositions classes, it is a big challenge part for me were and haw has to get all those programming component and required soft ware. - researched and downloaded the required system for this class depend up on my computer system functionality. - downloaded python system from 2.7-3.4, including Notepad ++ - Snipping tool, java…show more content…
4, Describe your feeling and attitudes Frustrating and almost to cry by computer syntax error, correct your formula and try again, syntax error correct your formula and try again, no much line 1, 2, 5.8…., not defined, embarrassing I felt it seems someone blocked me to not doing my work and off course big and emotional challenge and frustrating, and I felt like my computer didn’t like me and heat me, any moment I entered something python tells me I am sorry! I have no idea what you are talking about? Sorry I can’t help MR? Try again later, O my god! I said several time to my computer you are stupid, python I heat you are not so kind person ever I heat you too. 5. Describe what you learned. Finally I realized that it has not my computer problem and even python’s problem at all it has me I had no idea and didn’t know for the first time that what computer is? Computer system is system that created by human mental and what computer known’s are very limed, and I learned that if I don’t talk to a computer the way computer understand me I am completely lost and there is no way to communicated with computer at all. Because python understand only what it has and the way it has programmed to talk. Finally I learned from python many things somehow python become my

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