I Learned High School

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What I learned in High School I started freshman year as a scared little freshman. I entered Blackfoot high school for the first time with a million little butterflies dancing in my stomach. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find my friend and would be alone. I was terrified of upper classman and avoided them at all costs. I eventually found my friends, figured out were my classes were and realized that everything was going to be okay. I wish that there was all there was to my high school experience. I wish it had been as simple as just being with friends and being able to attend classes but it wasn’t. Things weren’t always as okay as they were on that first day of school. Some days got hard and some years got harder. But in the end I have learned and grown from my high school experience. High school for me has been attending class after class, dealing with stupid kid after stupid kid. Feeling so self-conscience it was hard to make eye contact. Being bored out of mid by what I felt I was being forced to learn. Watching girl, after girl, drop everything for a boy. Staying up till two in the morning studying for a test I barely managed to get a B- on, sitting alone in the hallway. I have lost some of my closest friends. When my best friend got her first and only boyfriend everything fell apart. I know longer had a friend. She would and…show more content…
However I feel without this high school experience I don’t think I would be ready for college. Without facing my fears on my first day of high school I wouldn’t be able to move in with 5 people I don’t know. Without staying up and studying hard for a test I didn’t eve succeed on I would never had learned how to study hard. Without losing all my friends I would never have learned that it is ok to be alone. Without all these high school experiences I would have never grown
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