I Learned My Values And Character Traits

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Raised by a single-mother in a small farming town south of Detroit called Monroe, I learned my values and character traits vicariously through my mother, father and brother. My father was not in my life while growing up due to his battle with alcoholism, but to me that illustrated addiction’s ability to ruin one’s life. Raised solely by my mother, she demonstrated her mantra that anything is accomplishable if you work hard and never give up. Becoming the first female Cub-Master-of-the-Year for our Boy Scout Troop, teaching us to race dirt bikes and play every sport at the Catholic grade school we attended were only some of my mother’s accomplishments that helped shape my perspective. While most of my family attended a Catholic High School, I chose to be part the pilot class of a pre-medicine focused middle college. Beginning to dual-enroll as a sophomore in high school, I was soon recommended to become a college level writing fellow. Over the next three years, I expanded my skills to tutor over 10 courses, lead a supplemental instruction course, and tutor for students taking the GED and ACT, while attending my courses and working as a deli server, bag boy, and ice cream server. Through working to support myself, I discovered that I am most successful when I am productively busy, which I apply to my jobs, school work, and research. Furthermore, working towards my goal of learning as much as possible, I became an adept learner and spent my time most efficiently. This allowed
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