I Learned That Changed The Way I Think About Development

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1A). The first thing I learned that changed the way I think about development is from the reading of Adolph & Joh (2007) and it’s how looking is not only an exploratory system but also a performatory action system. As the article explains “Looking is used as system for infants as a way to respond to and initiate changes in the external environment in this case, the social environment” (66). Looking is one of the first forms of communication that infants use, as they use it as a way to gain insight on their distinct self and to see the intentions that are out there in the world (66). As a conversation takes place between infant and caregiver, both parties respond to how each individual performs based on their emotional feelings. Social contingencies must be met for the performance action to be successful if the two parties do not reciprocate with a valid response in the conversation then the infant or adult may feel a sense of disengagement. 1B). Learning that looking is also a performatory system changed the way I think about development as it 's a vital step for an infant to learn social skills. As by looking they learn about themselves as well as other people. As a performatory system, it is also useful to create changes and respond to situations in their everyday life. I never thought that looking was such an important factor to establish skills in social interactions. It makes sense as to why infants that have much more social interaction with their caregivers would

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