I Like Observing People, And Conserving My Energy

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I like observing people. And conserving my energy, I mean, how many people would do something if it didn’t improve their life? Even if I were a social butter (which I am almost definitely not) I would most likely be a dark, brooding moth. Just waiting until someone finally makes it move. Have I shared a PB&J with anyone? No. Do I want your PB&J? Most definitely not. I like my own PB&J. You may believe that this is related to the fact that I have almost no friends, and that the friends I have are my Mom, my sis, and my dog, Art. I wouldn’t count my father as my friend, but that’s an entirely different story. I mean, what kind of father makes his son work all summer when he could be sprawled out on a plastic folding lawn chair in the backyard trying to suntan underneath the moody sky. As I feel I have said on numerous occasions (or maybe just one, I can’t remember), I like observing people. After all, would that woman really get a non-fat coffee if her skinny friend wasn’t there? Most likely not. I feel that an expression says a lot more about a person that words ever could. I find this especially true with my father. Even though he didn’t say anything, you could tell he was furious when I told him I didn’t want to work in the local corner store anymore, but who really wants to deal with bratty kids and snooty adults all day long, for the measly minimum wage. And that brings me to my next topic, I’m currently self-employed, which turned out to be a bad choice, as I earned

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