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If you haven’t heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines, come on out from under that rock and let me be the first to introduce you. They are the epitome of Avant folk. Both were born and raised in the big, beautiful state of Texas. Both are country at heart, but along the way have developed an Avant sophistication that showcases both country and chic. Relatable as country fried steak with Uncle Ellis’ gravy, this couple can turn a shack into a Shangri la. Chip and Joanna are down home folks who make you feel comfy right from the first meeting. In their series Fixer Upper they show how they have contributed to the lives of dozens of new home owners as well as to their local community of Waco, Texas. Their premise is to take the worst house in the…show more content…
He takes pride in being more than a project manager on all their renovations. He manages to (at least) look like he is having fun. He is a master at incorporating a silly sense of humor that keeps things light despite the stresses that must naturally accompany any remodeling job. They interact seamlessly which inspires the viewing audience with a sense of ease and wide eyed wonder around projects that would drive us ordinary folks nuts. Of course, editing for TV takes some of the credit, but they couldn’t fake their genuine demeanor show after show without it leaking through somewhere. This is the backbone to their success. One of my favorite episodes involved a house in Waco that was a complete wreck. Most would have spent the money to have it torn down and used the sizable lot for a new build. The prospective house buyers looked at several different properties, but when all the options were put on the table decided to buy the complete. They purchased it for $10,000. Yes! Less than a descent automobile! The couple had a fixer upper budget of $145,000 and let Chip and Joanna go after it. After just 3 months the transformation was unbelievable. In the series you’ll see before and after pictures and it will almost make you want to move to Waco and find an old shack to purchase so that the Gaines’ can put their magic to
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